Lines of Credit for
Personal and Business use
Unsecured Lines of Credit Available Now!

Ask your self these three questions...

1. Are all three of my credit scores 630 or better?
2. Is my debt to income ratio 50% or lower?
3. Is my credit clear of any judgements, bankruptcies or liens?

If you answered "yes" to all three, then you can should
probably qualify for some type of funding. Banks are only going
to be able to offer you one or two lending programs to chose
from. Our sources offer multiple lending options and do large
volumes with the banks and other lenders enabling you to get
loans you normally wouldn't be able to get!

Think of all the things you could do with additional capital?

1. Take a vacation
2. Start a business
3. Consolidate bills
4. Purchase real estate
5. Have funds available in case of emergency

The list is endless!

For Personal: $10,000 to $150,000

Minimum credit score of 630 all bureaus.
No bankruptcy's or liens.
Loans can be used for any purpose.
No application fee
Any size loan to meet your needs
Fast response - 2 days or less
Secured of unsecured loan
*Business lines also available from $10,000 to $150,000.

For Business: $25,000 to $5M Using SBA

Why waste time with your local bank? Skip the headaches and
hassles and get the money you need with an unsecured
business loan or line of credit! Skip the business plans and
eliminate the need for assets or collateral with our fast and
easy service. Our minimal documentation programs make
borrowing easy and headache free. No documentation
programs are also available to those who qualify. We offer all
types of unsecured loans that will fit into what you are trying to

No collateral with be required
No annual Fee
No pre-payment penalty
All business accepted terms flexible
Loan: 6 to 84 months
Line of Credit: Revolving
Lease 84 months

Don't Qualify For The Terms Above? We also
offer small balance and bad credit loans. Click
below for details!
Learn More About Unsecured
Lines Of Credit For Business

An unsecured line of credit may
be just what your business
needs to expand and get to the
next level. You can use the line to
fund business operations and
make those purchases you`ve
been looking into, such as those
new equipment investments.
Before you apply for an
unsecured credit line for your
small business, here`s what you
need to know.

Unsecured Versus Secured

A secured credit line is
essentially backed by property
or assets with value the lender
can seize if you don`t pay what
you owe. For example, a home
equity line of credit mortgage is
a secured credit line against real
estate. If you don`t pay the loan,
the lender can take the real
estate and sell it to get some of
its money back.

An unsecured line of credit, by
contrast, doesn`t involve any
security for the debt from you.
Since the lender is taking on
more risk, unsecured lines
usually have higher rates and
fees and tougher approval
criteria than secured products.

Why Get an Unsecured Line

If you need working cash flow for
your small business quickly and
don`t want to involve any
physical assets, an unsecured
credit line will meet your needs.
Since you`re not putting up any
loan collateral, the process often
moves faster than the approval
and disbursement process for
secured loans.

You can usually use the
unsecured line funds for any
purpose, including buying tools
and technology for your
business, debt consolidation or
expansion. Secured lines may be
restricted to specific activities
related to the loan type.

How to Apply

The exact application procedure
for a small business unsecured
line of credit varies by lender, but
there are some general
similarities across the board.
You`ll complete an application on
which you`ll give personal and
business information. Before you
fill out the initial line request
form, you need to create and
gather some business
documentation to increase your
chances of approval.

Lenders require financial
statements that show the
company`s repayment ability
from small business owners
seeking unsecured credit lines.
You`ll need past tax returns,
income and accounts payable
and receivable statements, a
profit and loss statement and
balance sheets. A newer
business without established
income will need to prepare a
financial projection.

Depending on the lender`s
policies, your personal credit
record as well as that of the
business is often checked. You`ll
also need a detailed business
plan so the lender can get an
idea of the health and potential
future of your company.

Before you apply, you`ll need to
clean up your personal and
business credit reports as much
as possible. Since lenders don`t
receive any security for
unsecured lines of credit, all
your information is subject to a
high level of scrutiny. Credit
problems can lead to high
interest rates and fees or a
rejection of your application.

What to Consider

You must do an honest
assessment of your company`s
current health, finances and
future outlook before you shop
for an unsecured line of credit.
Taking on a higher line to finance
a big expansion that is incredibly
risky, for example, can sink your
entire company if you`re
overreaching yourself and your
available resources. As with any
other credit product, you`re
legally obligated to pay the line
back and can face lender
enforcement actions if you

Create a spending plan based on
the line of credit you`re aiming
for so you avoid making
unnecessary purchases just
because you have the money
available to you. Budgeting
guides and other tools can be
found at financial portals such
as, so
review the information to help
you make informed decisions for
your company`s future.
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