About Our Company
ComResInvestments is a financial consulting company specializing
in personal, business and real estate solutions. Our goal is to make
sure you are on the right path to funding your dreams no matter
how large or small.

Are you looking for funding either personally or for your business?
Loans, lines of credit and other financial tools are available through
our company to take you to the next level. Already have an
established business and looking to grow even more? We have
great sources for getting your business franchised and even a
close partnership with a venture capital firm that works with
companies both here in the US and Worldwide.

Please feel free to click on the links to the left to learn all about our
many programs. Have something that you think might not fit in?
Please contact us and we will be happy to review. We often have to
think outside the box to get certain deals funded. Send e-mail to:
Personal, Business and Real Estate Funding and Consulting
Email: ComResInvest@aol.com
Phone: 813-333-2051
Fax: 606-752-1437
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