Corporate Filing, Tax Planning,
Taking Your Company Public
and More
ComResInvestments works with a company that is one of the
best in the business when you need help forming corporation
or LLC. They can also assist with asset protection strategies,
business credit establishment and many other
business/financial services. They have formed over 30,000
business entities worldwide and have a nationwide reputation
for assisting entrepreneurs, corporations and licensed
professionals. From tax planning and bookkeeping to estate
and retirement planning - including all the services needed to
legitimize your corporation, assist in raising capital, prepare
your tax returns, and even take your company public!

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How This Helps Your Business:

It protects your business name — When you file your
business entity, other corporations generally cannot file
using the same name in the same state.

It establishes legitimacy — Customers appreciate dealing
with companies with "Inc" or "LLC" behind their names,
because they know you will be around for a while.

It gives you liability protection — Operating your
business as a separate entity protects your personal
assets, like your home, car and savings.

It provides tax benefits — Depending on your situation,
you may pay lower tax rates and save a lot of money.

It gives you perpetual existence — As a separate
business entity, a corporation is easier to sell, pass along
to another generation, and maintain following changes in
ownership or management.