Use A Bahamas Cruise To
Help Increase Your Sales
"Promotions can spur purchases by established
customers, reel in new customers, draw customers
from competitors, get current customers to buy
differently, and stimulate business during
slow periods."
*Entrepreneur Magazine, Feb 2010

Some businesses give away steaks, others give away
flat screen TV's, but rarely will you find a promotional
giveaway like this Bahamas Cruise that will cost you so

This Bahamas Cruise certificate for two has a retail
value of $500 and includes all meals and entertainment.
The only thing the customer would have to cover would
be gratuities while on board and $59 per person, taxes
and port charges. You can learn more about the cruise
here as we also sell the certificates individually.

For businesses, these certificates will cost you between
$5 to $10 a piece, depending on amount purchased.
Compare that with giving someone 10% off a piece of
merchandise or service that costs $500, which would be
$50, and you see just how little these certificates cost!
We will be happy to work with you on pricing if possible.
Contact us directly at or
complete the form below to be contacted by one of our
representatives. Thank you.
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"Bahamas Business"
* Offer not valid in
Alaska, Hawaii,
Vermont and the
following South
Florida counties:
Miami-Dade, Martin,
Indian River,
Okeechobee, Leon,
St Lucie, Palm
Beach, Monroe,
Hendry and Brevard.